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Parkour / Ninja Business

Thinking about starting an obstacle based gym or simply improving your current program? I am  pumped to share with you pro tips and lessons I've learned in my 10+ years of experience. To make the most of our sessions, come prepared with a list of your own questions and goals. Here's a short list of items we have helped gyms with in the past:
Access to obstacle resources that will save you thousands of dollars.
Best practices for new startups, from finding good locations to running your first classes.
Organic Marketing for building an online community that sells for you
Prioritizing safety and progressions.
Insurance options
Streamline administrative systems to make the client and employee experience easy.
Set up multiple streams of revenue to make the most of your facility or program. (Birthday parties, Merch, Field Trips, Team Programs, Clinics, Leagues, Subleasing, Personal Training, Etc.)
Hiring Coaches and training.  

Let's prioritize what you need and hop on a session. Looking forward to helping!

If you enjoy our meeting and gain a ton of value, consider purchasing a monthly package where we can follow up and maximize your gym or programs potential. Tackle new challenges together and expand the positive energy you bring to the community.

Other Parkour / Ninja Services include:

- Workshops

- Meet & Greets

- Demo's and Performance

- Parkour/ Ninja Gym Business Consulting

- Teaching certifications and curriculum

- Obstacle / Gym Building and Design

Flow Vault Gym for fun fitness programs in the Colorado area.

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Ninja Gym business.jpg
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